Join A Magical Order of Ritual Magicians

he desert wind blows over the pyramids as the Solar Disc descends through the western skies to the Abodes of Night. Entering the river valley, which is splashed with the colors of twilight, we see that the earth is rich and fertile; and then… appears the Nile, flowing majestically towards the sea. We pay homage to the Deities of the Nile and its lands, for the Nile is as the Graal, which heals the barren earth and which sustains the hearts of those who seek eternal truth.” – Consecration of the Temple of Khem – E.S.S.G. official grimoire.

Seeker – you have come to this place desiring to know the world through the power and majesty of Magick. This domain is dedicated to the study and practice of ritual magick and contains the lore of the organization called the Order of the Gnostic Star, or Egregora Sancta Stella Gnostica (E.S.S.G.). The E.S.S.G. is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and mastery of the Art of Ritual Magick in the Western Mystery Tradition. For our members believe that the highest symbol of Gnostic Illumination is the Holy Graal as it is symbolized in a myriad forms. The Graal leads the seeker to union with the Absolute Spirit, and so the master ritual magicians of our Order seek the Graal. The Absolute is experienced as the union of the Archetypal male as God and the Archetypal Female as Goddess, and conjoined they are that perfect state of bliss; the Spiritual Love that draws everything into union with the One.

All the arts and social sciences are herein brought to bear on the artistic resolution of the Great Work, which is enlightenment and union with the Absolute. We strive to realize the Bornless One, also known as the Holy Guardian Angel, through our ritual workings; and thus through magick to realize our Atman or Oversoul so that we may know the Godhead in our minds, souls and bodies – all as One. This is the way of Transcendental Magick and the path of the new transcendental magicians.

Herein are the rituals and lore for the Order of the Gnostic Star, its bylaws, seasonal ceremonies, various masses and ordeals of transformation and initiation. Like the perennial philosophy, it grows and changes with the times. It has many ethnic colorings, shades touched by various epochs, yet it is always the cutting edge of modern occultism. It is also freely offered to you, the seeker. May you find within all that you seek. Yet if you seek ever more, then feel free to contact the members of this Order and learn even more.