Ancient Library of Grimiores

Ancient Library of Grimiores

LibraryofAlexandria2The Royal Library of Alexandria was founded by Ptolemy I Soter in 306 B.C.E. and at its peak contained over 400,000 individual scrolls, copied and maintained from all of the written works of the known world. It was located in the Bruchion or palace quarter of Alexandria. Next to it was the famous Museum, and the Serapeum. The Royal Library was destroyed accidentally by Julius Caesar in 48 B.C.E. and no further mention of it is known. The legend that it was destroyed at the instigation of Theophilus in 391 C.E. (whose mob actually destroyed the abandoned and looted Serapeum) or by Caliph Omar in 642 C.E. are probably fabrications. That Alexandria continued to be a place of learning and innovation long after its famed library was destroyed is of little doubt. Still, the library and its secret contents still fascinates the minds of humanity. Some may wonder that if this knowledge were not lost then the Renaissance might have begun a thousand years earlier. Instead, the great knowledge became lost and unknown again, but it was rediscovered later through other means. Therefore, the knowledge lives on in the hearts of all of the seekers for truth.

The members of the Order of the Gnostic Star believe that the lore and the grimoire of the Order represent a sacred trust of spiritual knowledge, recovered and derived from ancient sources and brought into the modern world through a creative melding of the old and the new. They are the legacies of the post modern world and the world of the ancient past. The knowledge of the Art of Magick grows and evolves with the times, and the magicians of each age have crafted their own rituals from the lore of the past and present. The present epoch is no different than any other time in previous ages. The magician is tasked to renew the ancient alignments and forge a path into the future. So, we of the Order endeavor to continue with this work. We are also obligated to share it with all seekers; those who are seeking esoteric truth and magickal revelation.

Herein are the rituals, workings, ordeals of transformation, initiations, seasonal ceremonies and quests that formulate the liturgy and grimoire of the modern ritual magician and Gnostic Sorcerer of the New Age; the Practitioner of the New Paradigm. As the Great Chain of Nested Being unfolds and reveals the mysteries of its essence, so we must open our library to the eyes and minds of the seekers of this age. Contained in this web page are the various downloadable files, in PDF format, representing the first two years of lore for a Temple of the E.S.S.G. Further knowledge can be obtained by the serious seeker and probationer of the Order by contacting existing members and meeting the requirements for establishing a new temple. The journey is begun by the first steps and these are the first rituals of the Art of Magick.

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– Note: A Grimoire is a book of magick spells, incantations, formulas and rituals, sigils, talismen and lamen.