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The Order of the Gnostic Star is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and mastery of ritual magick as defined by the Western Mystery Tradition. The Order consists of autonomous entities or groups called Temples that independently manage their own affairs. There is no hierarchy of secret chiefs, no grand lodge or temple, no ruling body whatsoever; in fact, the Order is only ruled by the consensus of each individual group. It is believed that because each temple shares a common lore and a common grimoire and liturgy that it will function as a hidden and indivisible organization, similar to the Rosicrucian movement of the 17th century. Magicians are typically anarchists and only the vaguest notions of an organizational authority is tolerable to them.

The Temple of the Order of the Gnostic Star has three rotating officiating roles, but the temple is ruled by consensus. The three officers are the Magister Templi, or Temple Master, the Hierius, and the Auctor. The Auctor is the chief diviner and secretary for the temple and the Magister Templi and Hierius act as the head and assistant head of the temple. There can also be elders in the temple who have already served in an official capacity in a temple, or those who have acquired many years of experience in the Arts of Magick. Each official rules for only a single year – the Hierius is elected and the Magister Templi role is filled by the previous year’s Hierius, who rotates into that position. The role of Auctor is held by a trusted and competent individual who may be elected to the position for more than one term. In this manner, everyone in the temple gets to experience all of the responsibility and none of the authority of the official roles within the temple body politic.

weighinThe members of the temple begin their initiatic journey studying the Lore of the E.S.S.G. and learn to perform the initiatory workings and ordeals of transformation. For the Order has determined the methodology and sequence of challenges, disciplines and practices that bring the individual member from the beginning stages of instruction to the very highest states of spiritual and magical achievement. The ultimate goal of the temple body is to experience Gnostic Enlightenment as a group, and thereby pave the way for greater conscious evolution. The Lore of the E.S.S.G. provides the basic knowledge, practices, workings, ordeals and initiations to achieve this goal. All that is required is a group of five zealous occult students and tacit recognition from at least one of the existing students of this Order.

The one who seeks to be a Magus in the 21st century can begin this iconic journey by exploring the simple rules and regulations of the Order and learn not only the structure and discipline of the practice of ritual magick, but also the mastery of the basic belief systems of the Western Mystery Tradition. Even the secret that is to be found in the name of this Order is also revealed by these documents. So, seeker, click on the icons below to view a PDF file of these By-Laws and History of the Order and see if you should apply for membership to this Order.

The Mysteries await you!

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